How can I raise money for Advance Panama?

We welcome all fundraising efforts! If you are interested in fundraising for Advance Panama, we would love for you to contact us! There are several ways that you can raise money to support us. You can raise funds individually and donate them at once on our donate page. You can also fundraise on Facebook. Lastly, you can also contribute via corporate fundraising.

Where are you based out of?

Advance Panama is based out of El Valle, Panama, in the Coclé Province. The cycle of poverty has its greatest stronghold in towns like ours, far away from the city. Read more about our story here.

What makes Advance Panama different?

Here, thousands of students fight for very small, partial tuition for one semester. There is no other comprehensive foundation of this nature in Panama. Find out how we do it on our mission page.

Why not send your students to school in the US?

What makes Advance Panama special is that we are here, in country, cultivating leaders from within to return and advance their local, poverty-stricken communities. Study abroad and cross-cultural experiences are available components.

How do you pick your students?

Our students are referred to us by community members and current AP students. All of our students have shown to be fighters and have overcome the obstacles of poverty and rurality to finish high school despite those barriers. We identify potential students students and invite them to apply for AP. Read more about our mission and methods here.

How do you fund your students?

We rely on the contribution of donors to support our students. Our donors are a vital part of the relationship in our students becoming leaders in society. As a donor, you are able to communicate and grow in relationship with our students.

Where did you get your statistics on your “mission” page?

The statistics that we cite are pulled from a variety of sources, from both nonprofit and government data. If you would like to know where we pulled a specific statistic, please contact us!


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