Casa Providencia

You may have seen something about this on our Facebook and Instagram posts a few weeks ago! Some fellow gringos in Panama, Matt and Misty Hedspeth, just opened the very first orphanage in Panama specifically for children with disabilities. Along with their ministry, Heartscry Ministry, they have done something almost miraculous. They have prioritized the least wanted and most neglected children in Panama by giving them a beautiful place to live, much needed medical attention, appropriate therapy, and education. The ultimate purpose is to prepare these children for adoption. This is not the last stop for these kids! They received their first two children this week!  Graham and one of our students, Abdiel, were able to go and help out with last minute details before the inauguration- running electric wire, painting, hanging doors, and much more. Abdiel actually gave of his time to volunteer three whole days along with a team of other volunteers to make sure Casa Providencia was ready to receive its first children. We are blessed to be able to connect with such radical people who love so deeply, and who so clearly show what the love of Jesus is really like. Karla, our third year physical therapy student, will be volunteering with the therapists that work with these super special and awesome kids.

Please check out Matt and Misty’s ministries here!!