Thank you for making it this far. Imagine knowing that you played a major role in transforming a person’s life. It’s possible right here. To create champions in society, we follow the time-tested model of focused investment. The greatest awakening of mankind came from this model. We are building leaders for the next Great Awakening. Will you be there? We have many success stories, but we need more help. That’s where you come in.

The Big Picture: Our comprehensive program positions promising students to do more than embark on a well-paying career. This will drastically change the lives of their families and communities for generations. This model has already shown excellent results. The majority of our students will be the first person in their family tree to earn a university degree. Like an oak, a leader takes longer to develop than the brief beauty of impatiens, but in time, their development will wield a rich forest, changing the very landscape. Our students are thriving, working hard, and most of all, excited about how their education will change their futures and the futures of their families. We are privileged to know and work with such motivated individuals. Please consider changing the lives of more students with us in Latin America.

As individuals with little to no safety net, we have been led to cover many qualifying expenses including but not limited to: tuition, school costs such as copies, books, laptops, uniforms, transportation costs, rent, food, and medical expenses. Through experience, we have seen that if one area of a student’s needs are unmet, it seriously hinders and threatens to end the pursuit of a university degree. Thus, we also choose to cover qualifying extracurricular expenses in order for the whole person to thrive and complete their education. We meet their greatest needs so they can succeed.

Thank you for believing in what we are doing. We understand not everyone can go, but you go with us when you give.


Donate $6 and get a student to school for a day (These fighters travel up to 6 hours for school each day!)


Donate $15 and provide a week’s worth of meals for a student. (Obvious things like passing out from hunger are a daily stresser for many).


Donate $50 and provide a young student books for their entire semester.


Donate $150 and you will be providing one month of student housing.


Donate $500 and provide an entire semester worth of tuition for a student.


Donate $6000 and provide a four year university degree for a young Panamanian student. (Adopt a student for just $4.25 per day and change their family tree forever!)


Donate $12,000 and give the opportunity for two young Panamanian students to earn a four year degree.


If you feel lead to give an amount larger than our suggested amounts, go to town! 2 pressing needs are 1) for building a permanent base and dorm for our students. On campus dormitories aren’t the norm in Panama; and 2) a vehicle to better support our students.


El Valle de Anton, Anton Valley, Cocle, Panama
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