Meet Ilay!

Meet Ilay! Ilay is a high school student in Advance Panama. She heard about Advance Panama’s reputation for creating champions and boldly approached us to mentor her and help her study

Meet Zayaris!

Meet Zayaris! Zayaris was referred to us by another AP student who noticed her dedication to having a better life. She walked 3 hours one-way to high school, crossing multiple rivers

Meet Maria!

Meet Maria! Maria is one of nine children, and will be the first person in her family to receive a college degree.  She lives on the rim of the volcano with

Meet Evelyn!

Meet Evelyn! Evelyn is yet another talented young woman referred to us because of her excellent reputation in the community. She and her sisters grew up against all odds with a

Meet Abdiel!

Meet Abdiel! Without any safety net or assurance of being able to go to college, still Abdiel jumped off the proverbial cliff and applied. As an honors high school student, his

Meet Karla!

Meet Karla! Our journey with Karla began as a simple friendship. One day while discussing her plans for the future, she disclosed to us that she applied to university the year

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1 week ago

Advance Panama

Sweet and productive summer. Let’s move forward into fall changing lives together! We still need some wheels to do that. Thankful for all the support for the AP vehicle fundraiser. Please check out the link in bio. Thanks for going with us. #Fundraiser #Education #LatinAmerica #CycleOfPoverty #BreakTheCycle #Panama #GirlPower #YouGoWithUsWhenYouGive ...

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2 weeks ago

Advance Panama

We are currently raising funds for a new vehicle. Here we were recently moving some of our students in to their new home an hour and a half closer to campus. Our truck has carried students, supplies, the sick, friends, neighbors, even caskets. Help Advance Panama move one step closer to getting a reliable vehicle that will allow us to help our students and further our mission to #DevelopingLeadersInTheDevelopingWorld #LinkInBio #LatinAmerica #Education #Panama #Leadership #English #RockStars #CycleOfPoverty #Fundraiser #Thank youForGoingWithUs ...

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3 weeks ago

Advance Panama

We continue to have daily success towards the most formidable of goals: Developing Leaders in the Developing World. But as much as it crushes our heart, we do have to accept that all organizations have setbacks. We have learned that one of the great obstacles here is the #mindset that comes with the #CultureOfPoverty. It brings incredible difficulties to everyone in its grip. Just like your #mommy couldn’t force you to eat your veggies, ultimately, each person needs to #choose their own path and it not be forced upon them. We are so incredibly sad that three of our students have elected to leave our program for what feels to us as a #LesserLove or the #EasyWayOut, but we believe that Advance Panamá’s investment in their lives and education will continue to take root for their ultimate maturity and #success. Even in the #difficulties, thank you for going with us.

#Education #LatinAmerica #Panama #Leadership #Poverty #English #CycleOfPoverty #Mentor #DevelopingLeadersInTheDevelopingWorld

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4 weeks ago

Advance Panama

We’re making our way towards the goal of getting a much needed vehicle for Advance Panamá! Please check out the link below. Thanks for going with us and getting the word out! ...

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4 weeks ago

Advance Panama

Who says developing leaders has to be boring? @heynicoledavis and Rachael G killing it at our last training event. #Advance🇵🇦Panamá #Radiant #Education #Leadership #GirlPower #LatinAmerica #Training #Panama ...

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